Maros Holly

I create User Interfaces for cars, mobile & web

Hi, my name is Marosh and i'm a self taught designer. I've been designing stuff since i was 6 and my brother introduced me to warcraft2 map editor

Technology can change our everyday lives for better and that is what I'm trying to do as UI designer working at Sygic

I'm always up for good challenge so check out the stuff i did recently and if you got a cool project, feel free to contact me anytime

My work done for Sygic


Sygic map web editor
A concept UI done for live map editor


Voice app onboarding
Onboarding process for Voice app


Search entry
Part of a complete search redesign

Free time projects


Farbee is a colour tool which gives you some nice variations of a given colour and also create nice colour palettes. I created this tool for myself, so I could get better colour variations for my map styles I was creating in Sygic. In the end it became quite a nice tool so I released it into wild.


The Bratislava isometric castle was just an fun exploration of the isometric grid in affinity designer. Really enjoyed doin' it.

moon ui

The moon UI is just as an example how i work and is only a part of my lessons done for Butterfly Effect academy.

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